When you download EZ-Plant from the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store, it will be automatically installed. You may need to restart AutoCAD to activate EZ-Plant. To uninstall EZ-Plant, simply rerun the installer by downloading it again from Exchange, and select the ‘Remove’ or ‘Uninstall’ option, or you can uninstall it from ‘Control Panel\Programs and Features’ (Windows 7) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP), just as you would uninstall any other application from your system. The EZ-Plant tab on the AutoCAD ribbon interface will not be removed until AutoCAD is restarted. Documentation for EZ-Plant is installed in the Docs folder below the installation folder, in the application data section of your roaming user profile: %appdata%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\EZ-Plant.bundle\Contents\Application\Docs Paste this folder location into the Windows Explorer address bar and hit enter to go to the Docs folder.

Additional Information

Video Tutorials Please visit our website to view our video tutorials. These brief videos demonstrate how clever and intuitive EZ-Plant Software truly is: Overview of EZ-Plant Database Inserting Plant Schedules Inserting Plants and Plant Symbols Adding Labels and Connecting Lines; Groundcover Commands How to Hide or Show Various Columns Auto Plant Spacing with the Offset Command

Known Issues

No known issues at this time.


Company Name: EZ-Plant Software, Inc.

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Dave Petrosky RLA, ASLA, Owner and Original Developer EZ-Plant Software, Inc. “Back in 1994, after many hours of struggling with the creation of landscape designs and plant schedules using AutoCAD software, I realized that there had to be a better way. Ultimately, this is what prompted me to invest in the creation and development of EZ-Plant Software. Although I get tremendous benefits from using EZ-Plant for my own work, it is the enjoyment of helping other people create an effective landscape design with a tool that produces quick, easy-to-read plans that has made this a true labor of love.” Dave is a Landscape Architect with the nationally recognized architecture and engineering firm of L. Robert Kimball, A CDI Company,Inc EZ-PLANT SOFTWARE, INC. 310 N. Locust St. Ebensburg, PA 15931 Voice: (814) 421-6744 Email: Web: MEMBER ASLA

Support Information

For support contact

Version History

Version Number Version Description
9.2.0 Updated Plants database; Minor bugfixes; Autodesk Exchange Apps Store version, compatible with AutoCAD 2014.
9.1.0 Minor bugfixes; Autodesk Exchange Apps Store version, compatible with AutoCAD 2014.


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