[wpepdd name=”EZ-Plant Professional Version 9.3 (Full NA)” price=”329.00″ url=”http://ez-plant.com/wp-content/uploads/woocommerce_uploads/2018/01/EZ-PlantNSNAFull2018.zip” align=”center”]

EZ-Plant has one product to prepare landscape design for AutoCAD and BricsCAD Add-ons. This full software with over 4000 plants total, is available in both English units and later in metric versions. However, with our new release in October 2017, we have decided to focus only on the USA Version in English Units. We have demo’s available for only the English version that contain only a couple dozen plants and plant symbols so users can try operations for demonstration purposes. The metric version contains plant databases derived from nurseries in the United Kingdom, and Australia but as we said we we are focusing on USA as we proceed in 2018. The English version contains plants from many regions of the United States, including nurseries in Florida and California for tropical plants. There are many north eastern nurseries where the plants were selected and entered into the EZ-Plant database.

With the purchase of EZ-Plant Software the user will receive the full excel spreadsheet, usually sent by email, which supplements the use of the software and MUST be used to correctly operate the software. These spreadsheets, including a spreadsheet of Perennials are available in English only.

If you want to either try a free demo or purchase a full EZ-Plant Software, in English , please email us at dave@ez-plant.com or call 814-421-6744. We will operate by email until the time our new on line Shopping Cart Store is available.

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