EZ-Plant Sustainable Plant Database contains:

The EZ-Plant Sustainable Plant Database contains:

  • Native Plant Legends (Metric or Imperial)
  • Xeriscape Plant Legends
  • Plants that grow in Canada
  • Green Roof and Vertical Wall Plants
  • Regional Hardiness Zone Ranges
  • Mature Plant Height and Spread (Metric or Imperial Units)
  • Standard Size and Conditions (Metric or Imperial Units)
  • Many Plant Cultural Characteristics
  • Typical Botanical and Common Names
  • Native American Grasses, Wildflowers, Perennials, Bog and Marginal Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Groundcovers, Ornamental Grasses, Pond Plants, Rushes and Bulrushes
  • Palms, Deciduous, Evergreen, Tropical, Sub-tropical, Mediterranean, Temperate
  • Australian State and Regional Growth Situations Identified
  • Plant Sizes and Conditions and Prices just how they are distributed at the Nursery Real nursery data directly from actual nurseries in North America, UK, Australia and very soon Canada!