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Sustainable Landscape Design Software for AutoCAD® and BricsCAD®

Designed by Landscape Architects for Landscape Architects and Designers!!

Greetings landscape architects, designers and all professionals:

EZ-Plant Landscape Software has been in operation since 1996, as a seamless CAD Add-on for AutoCAD, and BricsCAD. I want to further explain some of the operational procedures and history of our software. EZ-Plant was developed by landscape architects with more than 38 years of industry experience, including input from a university professor, a horticultural expert, who assisted with our outstanding plant selection and database. We have also utilized the services of world class CADD specialists for the technical development of EZ-Plant. Including the projects of all our users, EZ-Plant has been used on thousands of projects in many countries of the world and there are users in most states of our country. 

Our EZ-Plant Demo contains only a couple dozen plants and plant symbols but our full database contains over 4,000 plants, (approximately 2500 in the USA) and a several hundred plant symbols are available. That amount of plants includes the metric database as well.

Our software is available for the low price of only 329.00 USD for either CAD Systems. We also have educational copies for the university curriculum at reduced rates. EZ-Plant has been installed in landscape design curricular at technical schools and University level courses. Please ask us for an educational package quote.

Please see other new and updated website information at www.ez-plant.com. There are several other documents on our site that can be downloaded so you can learn more about our software.

While on our web site, you can zoom in to see our Imperial plant database and view

our demo form to help describe the demo operations and see:

  • Plant types and sustainable plant legends for Drought tolerant Plants that are moderately salt tolerant and salt tolerant, Invasive species, Plants that attract Birds;
  • Plant sizes, Native plant identification Key, Hardiness Zone ranges, Plant Nursery locations, & cultural data;
  • How to quickly add new plants into the database;
  • How to Install EZ-Plant;
  • How to use and operate EZ-Plant (Manual);
  • FAQ’s;
  • Testimonials;

Additionally, click on the section below and see our tutorial videos. These videos describe in detail the simple operational procedures for EZ-Plant. Below we have provided two YouTube Tutorial Videos that were completed for typical operational tips, using the EZ-Plant Landscape Design Software.

You Tube Videos


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 LINK to New EZ-Plant YouTube Operational  Video completed above in Nov. 2013

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Please scroll down your email below my signature and see client testimonials and much more EZ-Plant Software information. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Dave Petrosky
RLA, ASLA, Owner
EZ-Plant Software, Inc.
310 N. Locust.
Ebensburg, PA. 15931

EZ-Plant Software Inc. Website/Store  
814-421-6744 Cell Phone
dave@ez-plant.com Email Address
www.ez-plant.com Web URL

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Some of our customers had this to say about EZ-Plant Software!

(March 2013) I was thrilled to discover EZ-Plant. It is a fantastic program that has cut my design time by half. It is fun to use and extremely well put together. Gone are the days of counting and tallying plants multiple times and always with errors. Not only is the program wonderful; but the support top notch. I highly recommend this program to anyone involved in planting design; I don’t ever want to be without it;

Alice Palmer, Hendersonville N.C.

I just wanted to write to thank you so much for you and your staff’s personal attention to our needs. EZ-Plant has been a great tool for us over the past eleven years and we look forward to completing many more projects efficiently with the use of EZ-Plant Software!”

Wm. Gabriel Hays, ASLA
Hays Landscape Architecture Studio, Ltd.
St. Clairsville, OH 43950


“I just wanted to write to thank you so much for you and your staff’s personal attention to our needs. EZ-Plant has

been a great tool for us over the past Ten years and we look forward to completing many more projects efficiently

with the use of EZ-Plant Software!”

Jimmy Hendrix, Principal & Landscape Designer
Hendrix Landscaping Services
3395 Stone Meadow Cove, Nesbit, MS 38651

I have worked with AutoCAD for over 10 years. Switching to dedicated landscaping software was not what I wanted. I started looking for easy and inexpensive add-on software that would work with AutoCAD. Your software is a wonderful application for landscape design. We’ve used it for year s now and I love it! It’s very user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone.”


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Simple Planting Design Operations: First assemble your plant palette using our Excel Spread Sheet by noting the EZ-Plant Key Names of every plant. Use the “Control F” Search Key to quickly review and locate plants by nursery and Hardiness Zone. Use these Key Names to insert into the Preformatted Plant Schedule. You can automatically label the plant symbols and the quantity with this EZ-Plant Key name on your planting plan. Look closely at the excel database of plants because……..

The EZ-Plant Sustainable Plant Database in the Excel Spreadsheet contains:

  • Native Plant Legends, Fire Resistant plant listings,
  • Xeriscape or Drought Tolerant Plant Legends, Listings of Salt Tolerant plants
  • Plants that attract Birds Legend, Invasive Species Legend
  • Green Roof and Vertical Wall Plants,
  • Regional Hardiness Zone Ranges
  • Mature Plant Height and Spread of all selected plant materials
  • Standard Size and Conditions
  • Many Plant Cultural Characteristics
  • Typical Botanical and Common Names
  • Native American Grasses, Wildflowers, Perennials, Bog and Marginal Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Groundcovers, Ornamental Grasses, Pond Plants, Rushes and Bulrushes
  • Palms, Deciduous, Evergreen, Tropical, Sub-tropical, Mediterranean, Temperate
  • Plant Sizes and Conditions and Prices just how they are Distributed at the Nursery
  • All of the above is conveniently listed in the excel spreadsheet, which is directly matches the AutoCAD and BricsCAD plant database that you see when designing in your CAD Drawing.



Example EZ-Plant Planting Plan in AC V. 14 with Command Icons

(EZ-Plant also works well with the new BricsCAD Release of Versions 2017 and 2018 Platinum along with AutoCAD V14, 2016, and the new V 2018.

A Few of the other EZ-Plant Functions

  • Automatic Labeling allows users to label Hatched areas shown as Groundcover (Below);
  • Users type in the groundcover spacing in metric units or inches shown in the REMARKS column. Simply edit the spacing from 6” to 12”, click UPLINK and the Quantity and the amount of plants in the plant label changes immediately.
  • Click on the Grips on the closed polyline for the groundcover changing the area and pull the grips: Click UPLINK and Instantly the QTY and the Labels amount changes.

Note above the groundcover plants immediately are labeled, once Linked, will label the amount of flats needed and parts of a flat; Change the flat amount and the amounts change again!

  • EZ-Plant can also tabulate and label Mulch areas shown as hatched areas with cubic feet
  • Easily add new plant varieties directly into the Customizable Plant Database
  • Prepare complete cost estimates including Installation estimates as well, in seconds
  • Hide or Show certain columns of information in the Plant Schedule with corresponding Plant Schedules to suit the need; Hide the Remarks, Height and Spread and/or Costs columns with the Hide (H) command and the show it with the Show (S) command.
  • There are options to change the height of the text and, if you want to place the text above or below the line or split the line with the number of plants on the top and the EZ-Key Plant Name below the line.
  • When labeling plants, simply select the first plant that the main label line will begin and window select the other plant symbols and the program counts and labels them, Erase plant symbols and just click UPLINK to watch the plant quantities change.
  • After the plant data is linked with the adjacent plant symbols in the legend, simply place the plant symbols on the provided EZ-LEGENDS Layer, then these legend symbols will NOT be added into the total quantity.
  • Use the Connect Plants command to quickly draw lines between the plant symbols.
  • Use the Change Link Command if you decide to link a plant to different plant symbol.
  • Click the SETGC command to select feet or inches in setup, especially for the demo.
  • Check out the Help File for more detailed Operational Instructions.

Per Seat License Prices




EZ-Plant Offset command lays out hundreds of plants on a line, polyline or arch in seconds. Users specify the plant symbols, the offset line, direction to begin and the distance between the plants. Alternate a few plant types as well.

EZ-Plant Software Standard Version 9.3 retail price is $329.00


Visit the EZ-Plant Help File for more Operational Details and Instructions.