EZ-Plant Software works great in AutoCAD and the most recent BricsCAD !!!

Hello fellow Landscape Designers and CAD operators,

My name is Dave Petrosky, I am a Registered Landscape Architect, and over the
last 25 years, I have been developing a landscape design software
called" EZ-Plant Software. It 's a perfect  Add-On for AutoCAD and
BricsCAD.  EZ-Plant has been tested with AutoCAD  14. 16, and 18 and has been
successfully tested  for the most recent BricsCAD Platinum V. 17 and V. 18

We sell EZ-Plant, complete with an companion Spread sheet for $ 329.00.
EZ-Plant has been available on the market for many years, however now
we are issuing a new Release V 9.3 and will begin  promoting EZ-Plant
more than ever. If you would like to talk about promotions, Demos,

I can be available by phone at 814 -421 -7744. Please
leave a message if you get a recording or contact me by email at

Dave Petrosky,

Check us out on the our Website @  www.ez-plant.com 

Owner, RLA, ASLA.